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35 Provincial and 4 Ontario Summer Games Championships! 

We take great pride in introducing you to our Lady Blue Knights Field Lacrosse Program.  Take advantage of the wide variety of programs we offer for girls and women of all ages.

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To use online registration.
You must have a major credit card and a photo of proof of age document (hint save a small setting jpeg photo of birth certificate to your desktop).


EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION-SAVE $50 (up to and including March 3)

Saturday, February 21 , 2015 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m at Iroquois Sports Complex
Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015 10:00 a.m ..-2:00 p.m. at Legends Centre (Oshawa)
Monday, March 2, 2015 6:00 p.m ..-9:00 p.m .. at McKinney Arena

REGULAR REGISTRATION (March 4 and after)
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 6:00 p.m ..-9:00 p.m. at McKinney Arena
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 6:00 p.m ..-9:00 p.m .. at McKinney Arena

Baby Blue Knights/Jr. Blue Knights/U11 & U13 Rep:$195 (Early Bird Rate-$145)
U15/0pen House League/U15 & U19 Rep/Senior Rep:$245 (Early Bird Rate-$195)
* additional fee's apply to rep teams -- CLICK HERE for details

Cheques made payable to: Lady Blue Knights Lacrosse.
Photocopy of birth certificate or health card is required for all new registrants at time of registration.

visit: www.ladyblueknights.ca
email: carolynbeam@hotmail.com
call: 905-620-1398 or 416-451-4275



For more information on the Spring Into LAX Clinic please CLICK HERE


    LBK Coach Mentor Carolyn Toll
    U11 Sue Shoemaker Jess Lemcke
    U13 1 Brian MacDonell Jim Lee
    U13 2 TBA
    U15 Elite Katie Guy Jessica Markew
    U15 Competitive Mark Ainsworth
    U19 Elite Rachael McKinnon Julie Cryderman
    U19 Competitive 1 TBA
    Sr. TBA

    Coaches Wanted for House League

    Coaches Wanted for House League

    BBK, Jr. BK, U15, Open

    Please see attached application

    for more details


    We are recruiting parent managers to work alongside
    our young adult coaches.  It is crucial to success of our
    program to have more adults acting in a managerial
    capacity.  Please see attached application for more details.

    LBK 2015 Tryout Schedule

    All Tryout will be indoors at Oshawa Civic Fields

    U11 - $45
    March 30 – 6-8pm  (field C)
    April 1 – 6-8pm (field B)
    April 8 – 6-7pm (field B)

    U13 - $50
    March 30 – 6-8pm  (field D)
    April 2 – 6-8pm (field A & B)
    April 8 – 7-8pm (field B)

    U15 - $55
    April 1 – 6-8pm (field C & D)
    April 2 – 6-8pm (field C & D)
    April 8 – 6-8pm (field C & D)

    U19 - $60
    April 1 – 8-10pm (field C&D-8pm and full field-9pm)
    April 8 – 7pm – timed mile (outdoor track)
    8:30-10:30pm (full field)
    April 9 – 6-8pm (full field)


    For more information on our REP and House League programs please click HERE


    Receipt for Registration

    If you would like to print off your registration receipt. Please click here .

    Tessa Chad Makes Team Canada

    Congratulations to U19 Elite player Tessa Chad.  Tessa is the lone LBK to make the final U19 National Team roster, in what was a very competitive and challenging selection process held over the past year.  The World Championships are being held July 23 – August 1, in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We are very proud of Tessa’s accomplishment and excited to have her representing LBK at the National Team level.  Go Canada Go!

    2015 Quest For Gold

    Congratulations goes out to Claire Watterson on being a 2015 Quest for Gold recipient.  Claire completed her second season of lacrosse this past fall at Laurier, while studying biology.  Well deserved honour Claire!

    2015 OWLF - League Play


    Congratulations to Julia Darroch, of the U19 Competitive 1 team, on committing to the University of Detroit-Mercy.  Julia is planning on studying psychology when she joins the Titans in January 2015, and be in the line up this coming spring.  Julia is the 4th LBK to become a Titan - Lauren Webley is currently in her freshman year, while Corina Mahorn, and Emily Boissonneault have graduated.  


    Congratulations to Sarah Konecny, of the U19 Competitive 1 team, on committing to the University of Indianapolis, in Indiana.  Sarah is to be commended for her persistence and positive attitude as she worked toward her goal of playing NCAA lacrosse.  Sarah will begin play with the UIndy Greyhounds in what will be their inaugural season, in Sept. 2015.  CONGRATS Sarah!


    Congratulations Tessa Chad on verbally committing to Canisius Collge, in Buffalo, four time MAAC Champions.  Tessa will begin her lacrosse career at Canisius in Sept. 2015, while studying Sports Administration/Management.  CONGRATS Tessa!


    Congratulations to Leah Michel, of the U19 Elite Team on committing to Division 1 Canisius College, in Buffalo.  Leah will begin at Canisius, in Sept, 2016.  Leah has worked hard on developing her skills to play top level NCAA, and will no doubt, along with Tessa Chad help contribute to a solid program at Canisius. CONGRATS LEAH! 


    LBK Player Profile of the Week

    PLAYER NAME: Mackenzie Beam

    2014 LBK TEAM: U15 Elite


    1.    How long have you been a Lady Blue Knight?
    I have been a Lady Blue Knight since I was 8. I started in 2008.
    2.    Which LBK teams HL and Rep have you played for?
    I started playing as a Junior Blue Knight (JBK) which I played for 2 years (2008 - 2009). I then played one year of both U11Competative and U15 House League together in one season (2010). I have also played, U13 Competative (2011), U13 Elite (2012), U15 Elite as a minor (2013), and this year I am again playing on the U15 Elite team as a major (2014).
    3.    What position do you like playing?  Why?
    I enjoy playing Attack Wing for Defence Wing. I like to play these positions because you get to run and aggressively play both Offence and Defence on the field.
    4.    What is your favourite thing about being a LBK?
    The Experiences! Last year I went to Syracuse for the Nike Cup. Not only was it so much fun but I learned so much and it helped me to be a better lacrosse player.
    5.    What is your most memorable moment as an LBK?
    Winning Provincial Gold with my U15 Elite team in 2013. We played Orillia who we struggled to beat all season. We were the underdogs and came from behind to tie the game which forced the gold medal game to go into overtime. We scored in overtime to WIN the GOLD medal.
    6.    What other sports do you play?
    I play hockey for the Whitby Wolves and I enjoy jogging. I also participate in Cross Country and Track and Field at school.
    7.    What are three words that you’d use to describe yourself?
    I am aggressive, energetic and talkative.
    8.    What is your favourite T.V. show?
    NHL Hockey and Don Cherry's Coaches Corners.
    9.    What is your favourite food?
    My dad's home made spaghetti and meatballs .. all made from scratch.
    10. Who is your role model is sports? Why?
    Bethany Hamilton - because she had a passion/goal and when something (losing her arm to a shark bite) tried to interfere with it she kept believing, even if people thought that she never could or would make that goal come true. She was a fighter and never gave up!


    LBK Player Profile of the Week

     Players Name:  Tessa Chad

    2014 LBK Team:  U19 Elite  

    1) How long have you been a Lady Blue Knight?
    i have played for the lady blue knights for 8 years.

    2) Which BLK teams HL and Rep have you played for?
    houseleague: purple, orange, green REP: u-15elite for 4 years, u-19 competitive 1 year, u-19 elite present 

    3) What position do you like playing? Why?
    i like playing attack because it give me the opportunity to score and help my team win.

    4) What is your favourite thing about being a LBK?
    how structered it is. and that it is very organized. i like how at the fields we all have where blueknight clothing at the fields and that they are focused on preparing us for future lacrosse playing in University
    5) What is your most memorable moment as an LBK?
    When i won my last u-15 provincials
    6) What other sports do you play?
     i play REP basketball

    7) What are three words that you'd use to describe yourself?
    motivated, passionate, energetic 

    8) What is your favourite T.V. show?
    the origianals and the vampire diaries
    9) What is your favourite food?

    10) Who is your role model in sports? Why?
    my sports role model is Emily Boisssonneault. she was my first coach in house league, she taught me how play the sport. i learned to love the game because of her.