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Lady Blue Knight Members in the Municipality of Clarington

To clarify questions coming from our Blue Knight members that live in the Clarington area, arising from the fact that Clarington Minor Lacrosse are adding women's field lacrosse to their program, please read the following:
First we would like to reassure you that if you are happy with our Lady Blue Knights program, and we certainly hope that you are (we work hard to make sure you are), that under the Ontario Lacrosse Association rules, you can to choose to remain a Lady Blue Knight. Under OLA constitution regulation MR2.08, it states that you are able to remain with the club with which you originally signed. Or a player may choose to play with the new program in Clarington, their home municipality. However, it should be noted that if that player wishes to return to the Blue Knights, they would require a release from Clarington to make the move.
We are about to embark on our 14th season as an organization. During that time we have established the MOST solid women's field lacrosse program not only in Ontario, but across the country. We have been successful because we WORK HARD to bring you the program we do. We are committed to continuing to working hard and are ALWAYS challenging ourselves to improve our program to be the BEST THAT IT CAN BE!
We hope that you will continue to be a PROUD LADY BLUE KNIGHT!!

*Notification - The City of Oshawa Require the Following to Be Posted as they Use Registration Info for Field Allocation Purposes
“The personal information is being collected by the City of Oshawa for the sole purposes of allocating sport facility time to organizations and individuals in accordance with the City’s Outdoor Field Management Policy, City of Oshawa Bylaw 13-2003, General Fees and Charges and pursuant to section 11(2) of Municipal Act, 2001 as amended. All information shall be kept in strict confidence and not used for any other purspose. Once collected, the information will be used only for this allocation purpose, retained and desposed of in accordance with the City’s Records Retention By-law and provincial law. By providing this information during registration, participants or their parents/guardians are authorizing the disclosure of personal information to the City, specifically the following information about the participant:
-Parent/guardian’s surname if different
-Year of birth
-Parts of their address: street name, city/town, postal code
-Telephone number of participant or of their parent/guardian
Any questions may be directed to: Sandra Krance, City Clerk,5th Floor, Rundle Tower, 50 Centre Street South, Oshawa, ON L1H 3Z7 Tel: 905-436-5639 fax: 905-436-5697 email:”

LBK Boyes and Markew join OWFL Executive

OWFL Executive

We are pleased to announce that 2 of our LBK members have been elected to the Ontario Womens Field Lacrosse (OWFL) Board:
Barb Boyes as director of development, and Jessica Markew as director of scheduling.
Congrats to both Barb and Jess. 

We would also like to congratulate John Mayo from the Orillia Lady Kings as the new OWFL commissioner.

Lady Blue Knights would like to thank the outgoing executive members for their time, expertise and passion for lacrosse during their time as an OWFL Board member.